Refurbished Nikon D3500 cameras are those sent back to the manufacturer for reasons that may vary, but the most common ones are minor flaws, the packaging is damaged, used for demo purpose among others.

When the cameras are sent back, they are inspected, re-certified, tested, cleaned if necessary. If they pass the tests, they are put on sale again at a low cost than the new one, and they bear a refurbished label.

Even if a camera has not been used at all, it will not be put on the market again as new. It is labeled as refurbished as a requirement by the consumer protection laws. Below are the latest Nikon D3500 refurbished deals available online.

Best Nikon D3500 Refurbished Deals

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Nikon D3500 refurbished

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Nikon D3500 Refurbished Buying Guide

Nikon D3500 refurbished guide

Taking photographs is an exciting but expensive hobby. The more professional you become, the more expensive it becomes. If you want to make the right choice in picking the right equipment to fit your budget, you have to do some research. The best camera on the line comes with a huge price tag. This makes many people avoid going for a brand new camera but opt to go for other alternatives where refurbished alternative is the most popular. However, most do not know what it means for a camera to be refurbished and the implication of it. Below is a comprehensive Nikon D3500 refurbished buying guide to help you make an informed choice.

What are the benefits of buying a Nikon D3500 Refurbished?

Many people see refurbished Nikon D3500 as a second hand and wonder why not just buy a second hand from their friend. If you are such a person, below are the benefits of buying a Nikon D3500 Refurbished.

Guarantee of Quality

When a new Nikon DSLR is put on shelves again, it is mostly checked only once. However, with a refurbished one, it will be subjected to multiple tests to ensure it is operating correctly. The defects of a Nikon D3500 refurbished were already identified and repaired. This ensures you get a quality item to advance your photography career or hobby smoothly.

Relatively cheap

The Nikon D3500 is an excellent digital camera which makes its price to be high. If you are short of budget but want to own one, the refurbished can be the ideal choice for you. The refurbished one comes with a huge discount. It is like getting the new one but at a lower price.


Contrary to the belief of many that refurbished camera does not have a warranty, Nikon refurbished cameras comes with a three months warranty. The warranty states the camera does not have any defects in materials and workmanship. If it does not work well for during this period, you are well covered.

What are the downsides of buying a Nikon D3500 Refurbished?

Despite being a good deal for your cash, a refurbished D3500 has its disadvantages.

Less Lifespan

Because the camera has been opened after manufacturing, there might be chances it may have a less lifespan.

High Chance of being conned

When buying a refurbished D3500, chances of being duped are high where you can be sold a second hand one. You may not be able to tell the reason the camera was sent back for refurbishing, and the reason may come back to haunt you.

Mostly equipped with old technology

Chances of getting a D3500 refurbished with the same technology as the new one are low. The majority of the refurbished options on sale operate with old technology.

Low warranty period compared to new one

Most new Nikon cameras come with a warranty of 12 months. However, when it comes to the refurbished option, you will get a warrant for 90 days. This is what you trade off for the cost you save. This period is too short to detect any defects with the camera, and if it breaks after that time, you are on your own. If you do not find any issues with the camera, you will end up incurring more than you could have incurred in the first place. If even if you see any problems with the camera, there is no replacement policy which means it will have to be repaired only.

How can you get the best deal when buying Refurbished?

Purchase from Authorized dealers

You can get a refurbished Nikon D3500 from various online stores, official website, or even from your local stores. The best way to make a purchase is by buying from an authorized dealer. You will not only save big, but you will also be sure to get a quality product. Purchasing from an unauthorized dealer may make you lose big where you cannot tell whether it was refurbished or even who carried out the repairs.

The dealer may also remove some parts and replace them with low-quality ones. Avoid an unauthorized dealer if you want to get the best deal. With an authorized dealer, their refurbished gear is inspected and repaired by someone trusted by Nikon.

Accessories included

You should check to ensure all the accessories come with the Nikon D3500 camera by first reviewing the description of the listing. The issue of missing accessories is the most raised with refurbished items. You should visit the Nikon official website to check on what should be included in the package of D3500 DSLR. Never assume that what is listed on a new a package will automatically be available in a Nikon D3500 refurbished kit.


Ensure the certified refurbished Nikon D3500 camera you purchase is factory refurbished. It should also come with a warranty ranging from 3 months to one year covering its parts and workmanship. Get a written copy of the warranty and read it carefully to understand what is included and check who provides for the warranty. If you purchase a retailer check to see if it’s the retail, third party or the manufacturer (Nikon) offering the warranty.


If you are concerned about owning a quality camera for your photography profession or hobby but do not have the amount to get one, Nikon D3500 refurbished have got you covered. You get a camera that performs just like the new one but at an affordable price. The only problem is getting the right deal. With this guide, you will get a camera that will suit your budget and be up to the task.

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